PT. Binasarana Depobahari manages two warehouses in North Jakarta (5km from Tanjung Priok port), each with area of 4000m2 and two warehouses of with area 1900m2 in Tambak Langon, Surabaya.

Credentials and Handling experience:

Cotton, food products, and commodity items like flour.


Our management is experienced in warehouse management as we are in this field since 1993.

Currently, 16 personnel are manning the warehouses.


Inventory Management

We provide manpower for in/out movements of goods, be it via forklift (We have 3 units of forklift Cap 5 tons each at Surabaya/Jakarta) or coolie. All inventory management and reporting is done at on-site office for more accurate and efficient management. Dedicated, experienced staff for inventory management and stocktaking are also part of the services provided.

Security & Safety – 24-hour security is available at site

The warehouses itself are locked unless there is loading/unloading. 16 units of fire hydrants (8 big and 8 small) installed at each warehouse in case of fire emergency. We strictly prohibit smoking in warehouse grounds and our supervisor enforces this upon our staff and outsiders alike